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It’s time to replace seventies boho for sixties art deco with modern minimalism this season It’s the era it girls were captured by Bailey, models dated Jagger and upcoming designers praised by Vreeland,… Continue reading

An Interview with Savannah Miller

THE MILLER’S TALE Wife, mother, sister and designer. Just how does Savannah Miller find time to leave one luxury label to start another? She reveals all to Paige Holloway  London’s Fitzroy Square unveiled… Continue reading


Article for my LCF project, a Vogue supplement. Fashion Stylist Desiree Lederer talks to Vogue about working with Rihanna, her demand for a new innovative look, and her love affair with Prada.  Who… Continue reading

Hitchcock’s Women

GRAZIA AUDIENCE INSPIRED … Lights on the icy blonde… Camera on the master/muse relationship… Action on the fallen victim. The TV movie that sees how Hitchcock made then broke one of Hollywood’s leading… Continue reading